DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

Reverse Engineering

In today’s fast paced, deadline-driven world, leveraging existing designs and data can be an important time-saver. If you have an archive of old PCB designs, stored as Gerber files or in another CAD database, and want to view them, re-use them, or convert them to a new CAD system, with the right tools you can reverse engineer those files to be useful again.

DownStream Reverse Engineering solutions perform a netlist extraction of existing Gerber files. The netlist extraction process is fully automated and even supports the most complex blind & buried vias, MCMs and hybrid designs. Once all the information has been recreated and recovered, the new data file can then be imported back into your CAD system of choice.

  • Add part and netlist information to a Gerber file
  • Perform Netlist Extraction
  • Import the new intelligent data into your current CAD system

DownStream Reverse Engineering solutions:

  • Software - DownStream now sells Reverse Engineering as a separate product. If you are interested in owning this innovative functionality.
  • Services - If you have data which needs to be "Reverse Engineered", but you don't want to do it yourself or invest in the software long-term, DownStream offers Reverse Engineering services.