DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

Pcb post processing

Over the past decades, methodologies, interfaces, and tools used to post process PCB designs into usable manufacturing information have remained almost unchanged. They lack automation, they don’t leverage design intelligence, and require multiple interfaces to handle the myriad of formats typically required to generate the necessary outputs to drive PCB manufacturing.

The end result is a collection of disjointed file formats such as Gerber, NC drill and mill, MS Office documents, PDF files, DXF files, etc. that exist in multiple locations that must be collected and managed manually with basically no connectivity to each other.

DownStream offers integrated solutions and new methodologies to improve the workflow and support the PCB post processing cycle, increasing productivity and saving time and money. Our solutions help our customers:

  • Retain engineering intent during translation into physical PCB assembly
  • Create and ensure the "deliverables" from engineering to downstream processes are accurate
  • Make the "Release Package" the "Golden Source" of all manufacturing
  • Avoid critical design defects
  • Greatly improve productivity

DownStream PCB post processing solutions provide:

  • Accurate translation into Gerber/ODB++/Drill Mill output files
  • Comparison, analysis, and violation detection and repair
  • Rapid fabrication and assembly documentation
  • Release Package creation and distribution
  • ECO Automation

DownStream Post Processing Solutions include BluePrint-PCB, DFMStream, and CAM350.