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Panel Design

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Designers often panelize single boards into arrays or sub-panels.   Documenting the finished panel and adding features such as pinning holes, fiducials, score lines and breakaway tabs can be difficult and time consuming in today’s CAD and CAM tools.  BluePrint has panel drawing elements and tools that simplify the panel documentation process.

  • Automatic array creation (step and repeat) of PCBs on a panel drawing in either spread sheet mode or auto-calculate which fits as many PCBs as possible on a panel
  • quickly place top, bottom, drill pattern, or custom panel arrays on a drawing, as well as drill charts, note blocks, mill and V-score details
  • Use drill and coordinate charts to define all components, hole sizes, locations, symbols, and quantities for the entire panel
  • Automatically define the route path around a PCB within a panel as well as the break out tabs
  • use the existing PCB and NC milling data to automatically depict Mill tab and V-score details.
  • Exportation to CAM350 feature allows a user to export a panel definition to CAM350 for further post processing of the panel for Gerber, and/or NC Drill and Mill extraction.

DownStream's panel design solution allows users to create PCB panel arrays  for optimal bare board fabrication and production assembly by building multiple PCBs concurrently on a master panel.   Panel solutions allow the user to provide complete control of the PCB panel from the definition of the panel through the documentation or users can work cooperatively with PCB fabricators to define panels specification for just assembly providing greater flexibility during the fabrication process.

Downstream Panel Design solutions include:

  • BluePrint’s Assembly Panel Drawing Toolkit
  • CAM350’s Advanced Panel Editor