DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs


Each demo is designed to give you a better understanding of DFMStream’s capabilities. Below is a list of all the product demos with descriptions we have available.

Video List and Descriptions


How to Compare Two Designs in DFMStream - 4:13 minutes

This video shows how to compare two designs using Streams RC in DFMStream.

Streams Rule Checking in DFMStream - 5:14 minutes

This video shows Stream's RC in DFMStream. A design is completely analyzed using a checklist of issues that might prevent successful manufacture of the design.

Netlist Compare in DFMStream and StreamsRC - 2:30 minutes

This video shows how to run a netlist comparison in DFMStream and the Stream's RC checklist.  Gerber and IPC files are loaded, and DFMStream extracts a netlist from the gerber files and comapres to the ipc-d-356 netlist.

Design Analysis in DFMStream and Allegro or OrCad PCB Editor
- 5:24 minutes

This video shows the three options for running draw to flash in DFMStream - interactive, interactive any angle, and automatic.