DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

Core Functionality

Finalizing the PCB design data for release-to-manufacturing is a critical and often fragile step within the new product introduction (NPI) process. DFMStream offers comprehensive analysis for all major PCB design tools, Gerber files, intelligent manufacturing files, and NC data to ensure the content supplied to the manufacturer will minimize costly delays. 

DFMStream Datasheet

Analyze Data from Multiple Sources

DFMStream can accept design data in several commonly available formats. Import your design directly from the most popular PCB CAD systems including Mentor Graphics PADS or Xpedition; Cadence Allegro or OrCAD PCB Editor; Zuken’s CR5000, CR8000, or CADstar; Altium Designer;  and several others. Industry standard file format support includes ODB++, IPC-2581, Gerber, DXF, Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, HPGL and many others.

Design Analyzer

Use Design Analyzer to correlate features within a PCB design such as min trace width/spacing, number of layers, board size, and drill/via technologies, to the requirements of your preferred PCB fabricator. This guarantees submitted designs will be fabricated without hidden costs or unexpected delays. Use Design Analyzer’s design reports containing all information required by a PCB fabricator for cost and delivery estimates of the fabricated PCB. Working collaboratively with the report in hand, PCB fabricators can make recommendations for design changes that result in significant cost and time savings while maintaining design intent. Design Analyzer bridges the gap between engineer and PCB fabricator by extracting key information about the PCB and presenting it in an easy to read format.

Design Analyzer

“Streams” Driven Analysis 

Manage the myriad of checks and the analysis process using the Streams methodology. Checks are organized into layer types and sub categories to simplify selection of checks to perform and setting the corresponding parameters. Use the Streams methodology to define the type and order or “Stream” of checks to be performed. A stream of analysis can include netlist or layer comparison, design rule verification, fabrication and assembly checks on the entire design, a specific layer or a region of the design. This dramatically reduces set up and execution of the analysis. Analysis streams can be saved and recalled for use on any design. Streams definitions can be defined for a specific PCB technology, vendor capability, or unique design requirement.

Hierarchical Analysis 

For many designs, different regions or layers of a PCB have unique constraints and subsequently require a custom analysis. Use DFMStream’s unique rule hierarchy to tailor an analysis to bare board construction, board density, or component technology.

PCB Fabrication Analysis
DFMStream’s analysis will detect specific design content that may have an adverse effect on PCB fabrication. Features less than minimal spacing, acid traps, minimal annular rings, minimum features sizes, copper and mask slivers, are just a few examples of the fabrication analysis available. Drill related analysis include minimal distances between drills, pads without drills, mill path errors, coincident or overlapping drills and others.

PCB Assembly Analysis
DFMStream’s analysis will detect specific PCB content that may have an adverse effect on PCB assembly. Solder and paste mask features less than minimal mask spacing, missing masks, extra mask, minimal mask annular rings, and mask size to pad size ratios are examples of mask analysis available. Silkscreen related analysis include ink over pads, ink over mask exposures and other checks. Less than minimal part spacing, pad spacing between adjacent parts, and minimal spacing between component pads and adjacent vias, drills, and copper objects are examples component related analysis.

Design Delta Analysis
Use DFMStream’s Design Delta analysis to compare PCB design data from independent sources to identify differences. For example, compare a Netlist extracted from Gerber and NC data against an IPC-D-356 netlist generated from the PCB CAD design. Compare the results to ensure Gerber, NC, and ODB++ data were extracted correctly and without loss of design intent. DFMStream’s Design Delta analysis options include layer against layer; Gerber against ODB++; Gerber against NC drill; design revision against design revision and many other combinations.

Error Charting
Large scale analysis can often result in a large number of reported failures. Viewing the results of large scale analysis in chart form allows you to get to the root of the failure and quickly ascertain a remedy. Charting allows you to review specifics of the failures to identify trends or unexpected results. DFMStream’s charting feature reports the exact nature of the error and the PCB features related to that error. The charting function groups common errors so they can be quickly identified and resolved in DFMStream or the host CAD system.

PCB CAD Crossprobing
DFMStream’s crossprobing facilitates visualization of DFM analysis errors in their native PCB Design tools. Using the crossprobing feature,  select errors within DFMStream or its reports and zoom to the error location in the design from within the native PCB Design tool. This expedites the process of finding and correcting errors in the source PCB design. DFMStream’s crossprobing is compatible with leading PCB CAD tools such as Mentor Graphics PADS or Xpedition; Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor or Allegro.

Design Editing and Optimization
DFMStream’s editing environment enables you to make corrections do the design data. DFMStream offers a wide array of tools to modify almost any design element. Use other features to add drills, mill tabs, mill paths, text, copper thieving and other design elements. Select and assign pins and vias as in-circuit test points. Use automated correction features to eliminate acid traps. Working with Gerber? Add flashes and draws, custom apertures, modify drill parameters and so on. Making modifications to the design data in DFMStream expedites the transition from design to manufacturing.

PCB Panel Design
While focused primarily on analysis, DFMStream also offers multi-image PCB panel design to quickly create a multi-image PCB panel. Use the automated panel wizard, enter a few basic parameters to have the panel layout designed for you with minimal material waste. Use the design merge features and create custom panels with images from multiple PCB designs.