DownStream Techonolgies - Solutions for Post Processing PCB Designs

CAM Engineering

The PCB fabrication process is extremely complex and is made up of several smaller, harder to manage operations. Optimizing and managing it for high-volume production is difficult but it must be done in order to operate successfully because any complication will make the job more costly, time consuming and labor intensive.

DownStream Technologies offers a variety of solutions to help manage and automate the PCB CAM engineering department. Our tools are used to prepare and optimize PCB design files for fabrication and help manage each operation to become a more seamless workflow. Our solutions can help manage data input and preparation, through analysis, test, mill and drill to final bare-board production.

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DownStream CAM Engineering solutions:

  • Find and repair manufacturability flaws in the design
  • Create NC files quickly and accurately
  • Optimize the drill and mill machine performance
  • Streamline tooling with panelization functionality
  • Extract the essential data to drive test equipment
  • Optimize test machine performance and probing time
  • Identify collisions, break-outs, and un-probable conditions
  • Automate your processes

DownStream CAM Engineering solutions:

  • Panel Editor
  • Flying Probe Editor
  • Bed of Nails Editor
  • Advanced NC Editor


DownStream solutions for CAM Engineering are available in CAM350.