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BluePrint PCB Overview

Mark Gallant from DownStream Technologies presents an overview of BluePrint PCB documentation tool.

Using Templates in BluePrint PCB

This video will show how to use Document templates to automate and speed up the creation of PCB Document sets.

Hyperlinks in BluePrint PCB

This video shows how to use Hyperlinks to objects both internal and external to add intelligence to your pcb document set.

Documentation Wizard in BluePrint PCB

In this video you will learn how to use the Documentation Wizard to quickly produce PCB Documentation without extensive setup. The user specifies what the contents of their Fabrication and Assembly Panels will be and then simply imports the design to create the documentation. This allows a new BluePrint PCB user to quickly get up and running in the tool.

BluePrint's Interaction with CAM350 - 4:21 minutes

This video shows how BluePrint-PCB and CAM350 can work together to create a release package for the manufacture of a Printed Circuit Board Design. A document set from BluePrint is opened in CAM350 via the link inside BluePrint. The resulting release package is then available in CAM350. The Panelized Gerber's are added to the release package and the database is ready to be sent to the manufacturer.

Revision Control in BluePrint - 2:56 minutes

This video shows the "sign-off" process in BluePrint-PCB. A document set is created and signed off. The document set is reloaded, the revision changed and new data loaded.

Creating a Panel (Assembly) Drawing in BluePrint - 7:11 minutes

In this video an assembly drawing is created. The drawing consists of 4 boards arranged with web routes and mill tabs in between them. There are rails on either side of the panel. We also have included a mill tab detail, and a drill chart for the panel drawing.

Creating an Assembly Drawing in BluePrint - 5:09 minutes

This video shows how to create an assembly drawing in BluePrint-PCB. Both top and bottom side views of the design, along with Assembly notes and exploded views are shown. We also look at importing DXF data into our Drawing.

Creating an Fabrication Drawing in BluePrint - 4:58 minutes

This video shows how to create a Fabrication drawing in BluePrint-PCB. A design is loaded, and the common elements such as layer stack-ups, drill patterns, drill charts and notes are added just by dragging them from the pallet. Dimensions are added, and the word processing capabilities of BluePrint-PCB are discussed.

BluePrint Allegro Integration - 2:37 minutes

A video demonstrating how to create a new PCB document from Cadence Allegro using the New Document Wizard.

Creating Document Templates in BluePrint - 5:41 minutes

This video shows how to create a Document Template from Scratch in BluePrint-PCB. It shows resizing of sheets, borders, and adding title and revision blocks. It discusses Document Variables and how they can be used to automate the filling in of Title and Revision blocks. The video also shows how you can add your company logo to a Title Block.

Document Creation with BluePrint and Allegro PCB Editor
or OrCad PCB Editor - 6:02 minutes

This video shows how to quickly create a document set from Allegro or Orcad PCB Editor. The tool used to create the documents is BluePrint-PCB from Downstream Technologies.

Output Options in BluePrint - 5:56 minutes

This video describes four output option in BluePrint-PCB. DXF, PDF, Pack and Release, and Publish to the Web.