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Obtaining Your HostID or Registration Number

If you do not know your registration number or hostID, they are present in the product license file in use. By default, the license file is located in the C:\DownStreamTech\CAM350 XX.X folder and titled as license.dat. Open the license file in any text editor to obtain the information. The hostID is a 10, 12 or greater character string located on the first or second line of the license file. Examples of hostID references in a license file are shown below with the hostID highlighted in bold.



SERVER MY-PC-NAME VMW_UUID=54EA3E42-E214-644E-1BC5-1E156150825E TCP:7102

SERVER MY-PC-NAME HPV_UUID=78BC9B65-DE0D-402E-AE45-1E901711C067 TCP:7102

The Registration number is located at the end of the license file:

Registration Number: 23456

We suggest you open the license file, copy the hostID (or registration) string, and paste the string into the corresponding fields below. Manual entry of the hostID string requires the entire string (in bold above) be entered or the validation will fail.

Note: The hostID string can be entered in upper or lower case characters.

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