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  • Verify and Optimize PCB Designs for Sucessful Manufacturing
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  • Create Comprehensive Documentation to Drive PCB Fabrication, Assembly, and Inspection
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News & Highlights

Product Training

Dates in Phoenix and Boston

CAM350/DFMStream and BluePrint-PCB technical training happening in March and July

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New Software Builds

December 4

New builds have been released for CAM350/DFMStream, BluePrint-PCB and all our viewers.  To benefit from the significant enhancements and features, upgrade today.

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Design Analyzer

Communicate Requirements

Ensure submitted designs can be  fabricated without hidden costs or unexpected delays

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Taking on Data Documentation

You May Love Your Job

But DownStream understands the part you dislike.  Documentation!  The final step, which is often tedious and not very enjoyable.

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DFMStream Featured Functionality

Automatic Error Detection and Correction

Use DFMStream's automatic correction feature to fix acid traps,  mask slivers, pin holes, starved thermal reliefs and solder bridges.

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