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News & Highlights

"What's New" Live Series 

CAM350/DFMStream 11 webinar

Within the latest release of CAM350/DFMStream you will discover advanced functionality available for DFM and Multi-board Panel Design, and much more.  Witness these advancements and more during a live webinar.

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DownStream Training

2014 Schedule Updated

Learn the most effective ways to use our software solutions, while discovering new features and functionalities from the latest releases. 

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Understanding DFM

And its Role in PCB Layout 

DFM, DRC, DFF, DFA, DFwhat? All terms we hear used daily in the PCB design world regarding manufacturing analysis and often used interchangeably. But what exactly is DFM and why is it an important but often ignored aspect of the PCB design process?

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DownStream Software Updates

New Releases - April 15

BluePrint-PCB, CAM350, DFMStream and all DownStream viewers have been updated - upgrade today!  Follow the link to see more specific details.  There are significant changes in this update.

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Mitigating the High Cost of PCB Documentation

Focusing on Streamlining PCB Documentation

When considering the efficiency of your PCB documentation process, you must measure both creation and maintenance of a complete documentation set for the full life cycle of the product.  

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New Partnership with

Serving the DIY Engineering Community

On-line offering brings together original designs and projects to help engineers create electronic projects, systems, and so much more

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