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  • Verify and Optimize PCB Designs for Sucessful Manufacturing
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  • Create Comprehensive Documentation to Drive PCB Fabrication, Assembly, and Inspection
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News & Highlights and FabStream

DIY Engineering Community

On-line community sharing tutorials, plans, and projects using SoloPCB and other tools.  Bringing together designs and projects to help DIY enthusiasts create electronic projects, systems, and more.

  • DIYprojects using SoloPCB software at Electro-Labs
  • Download your free PCB Design solutions


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Technical Training

BluePrint and CAM350 Courses in MA and CA

Learn the most effective ways to use our software, while discovering new features and functionalities from the latest releases.  New dates and locations have been added. Register today to reserve your spot.

  • Marlborough MA - December 16 & 17
  • Santa Clara CA - February 11 & 12

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Mitigating the High Cost

Focusing on Streamlining PCB Documentation

When considering the efficiency of your PCB documentation process, you must measure both creation and maintenance of a complete documentation set for the full life cycle of the product.  

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